Melbourne is recognised internationally as a centre of excellence in medical research including clinical trials, stem cell research and cancer therapies. In 2018, 154 establishments (businesses and organisations) in the Biotech sector provided 35,001 jobs. The sector has total output worth $18.1 Billion and contributes $12.2 Billion in Gross Local Product to the City of Melbourne economy.

Number of Jobs ( 2002 - 2018)

The graph below shows the change in the number of jobs in the Biotech sector between 2002 and 2018.

Industry Sub-Sectors

The table below provides detail of the sub-sectors within the Biotech sector in the City of Melbourne.

Description Jobs Establishments
Hospitals 27,337 25
Sub-sectors Jobs Establishments
Hospitals (except Psychiatric Hospitals) 27,337 25
Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing 932 51
Sub-sectors Jobs Establishments
Medical and Surgical Equipment Manufacturing 374 31
Others 558 20
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (Except Computer System Design and Related Services) 5,900 73
Sub-sectors Jobs Establishments
Scientific Testing and Analysis Services 975 20
Scientific Research Services 4,925 53
Basic Chemical and Chemical Product Manufacturing 832 5
Sub-sectors Jobs Establishments
Human Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Product Manufacturing 832 5
Total 35,001 154

Contribution to the local economy

The Biotech sector accounts for 7.3% of the City of Melbourne's total employment.

The Biotech sector accounts for 12.16% of the City of Melbourne's Gross Local Product (GLP).

Workforce Profile

The graph below details the composition of those employed in the Biotech sector in the City of Melbourne. The graph describes the proportion of employees that can be considered as part-time, full-time, casual and contractors.

Floor Space

The graph below details the total floor space occupied by the Biotech sector in the City of Melbourne between 2002 and 2018 (in square metres). The figures provide an alternative measure of growth or decline in the sector. The figures are also relevant for understanding how this industry is impacting on then local commerical property market.